Can you believe that some people pay up to 100 bucks or more to some self-titled “designers” who don’t work at least 20 minutes to “create” a WordPress theme? I didn’t do such a thing, but one buddy of mine did it a few times – in the end, it’s not a fool the one asking, but the one paying, especially since we’re only talking about starting with some theme already available and changing it here and there, not building one from scratch! Well, today I’ll give everyone something to think about – Lubith can do a lot for free… so if you’re planning to pay for a WordPress theme, at least be sure you’ll get an original one, not just a painted old crow, all right? 😉

No need for any other introduction – Lubith is a Web-based WordPress theme editor that, unfortunately, only seems to work with Firefox and Chrome, but it surely gets the job done! By using it, you’ll save a lot of time and money, since it requires no coding, it’s completely free and sports an intuitive interface. Even more, if “intuitive” is not easy for you, there’s also a tutorials section on the official page, available right here. For now, it’s only one there, but we’ll surely have more in the future, I have no doubt about it…

Other than the above, I should add that, in case you’re feelin’ lost, the support forum will surely help you – it’s not really crowded there as I write this, but most issues reported get answers pretty soon and, in the end, that’s what really matters – to learn how to master Lubith as soon as possible, so maybe you can create some WordPress themes for others in need and ready to pay for it, right? Good luck with that and anything else you may have in mind!

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