While Flash may not die anytime soon, HTML5’s rise to power will surely add some problems to all people working on websites. For example, think about streaming sites. While using some Flash streaming server may not be such a big deal, adding HTML5 to the equation may give some people a headache. Anyway, until that happens… let’s take a look at one streaming server with support for most Flash codecs, shall we?


According to its author, Mammoth is becoming a full blown high concurrency C++ Flash Streaming Server running on windows and *nix.” Its features list includes support for “all possible Flash codecs: h263, h264, mp3, vp6, speex, nellymoser, etc…,” a fully configurable threading model and, to make it all even more interesting, it can also provide container support for additional formats, such as mov, mkv, mp3 and others, thanks to FFmpeg.

Still in Alpha stage, Mammoth looks pretty solid and can be messed with for free. Covered by the terms of the GPL License, this piece of code can be downloaded from the official page, here. That’s all, folks!


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