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SEO Booster is a great tool if you want to know everything about your blog. SEO Booster detects and analyzes incoming visitors from search engines. You can visualize the most popular queries by logging in to the admin panel or using the provided widget. All the reports are dynamic, this way you can see the data changing according to the visits and you can always know how popular is your blog.

How it works? Let’s say you have an article on your blog about Dell Streak. One of the search terms is Dell Streak unboxing and it’s ranked #20 on Google. SEO Booster will add the keywords (DELL Streak Unboxing) to your widget linking to the article on your blog. Your goal is to be in the first two pages, so SEO Booster will reinforce your link between the search term and the landing page on your site. You can set any number of keywords to boost in the widget, but the default number is 10 keywords.

There are two versions os SEO Booster: SEO Booster Lite and SEO Booster Pro. The Lite version is free and offers basic optimizing. If you want all the features, you will have to choose SEO Booster Pro. You will pay for one license but you can use it on all your blogs withou any limitations.

SEO Booster requires WordPress 2.7 or higher and PHP 5.

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