I don’t know about you, but I think that a really good book simply doesn’t need a movie adaptation. For example, I simply wasn’t able to watch Dune after reading Frank Herbert’s books. If I have to eliminate one of the following – music, video and text – it’s always the video part that goes out. I know it may sound strange, but that’s my personal opinion and I’m not going to change it anytime soon. Well, my personal opinion doesn’t stop me from writing about video-related piece of code, so here’s Videola!

Built on Drupal and open sourced, Videola is, as far as the official mumbo-jumbo goes, “an enterprise-level video management system and video delivery platform. It allows you to create paid-access or free-access video websites which can serve video to the desktop, mobile, or television-based devices.” This piece of code allows you to easily create your own video streaming website using any business model you consider best – subscription (Netflix On-Demand style), ad-supported (Hulu style) or rental (Blockbuster / Amazon style). Obviously, you can (and should, I guess) use your own video content…

… so if you got enough videos ready to be streamed, I think the features at your disposal should be more than enough – Videola offers quite a few of them, including extensive video analytics, HD/adaptive bitrate/secure video streaming, user queues, listing of similar videos on each page, option to show video previews to non-subscribed users, in-stream ads and even iOS & Android compatible mobile streaming via WiFi or 3G. Awesome!

In case you’re still wondering, you should know that Videola works with all major browsers, including mobile ones, requiring that you have PHP & MySQL up and running on your server. A demo can be accessed right here. That’s all, folks!

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  1. December 14, 2011

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