While an experienced developer can get started with CSS and go above average level in less than an hour, I think that code generators should be used as often as possible, I decided to take a closer look at another Web-based CSS tool. After a few minutes spent searching for something interesting enough, I ended up facing today’s subject – ladies and gentlemen, here’s Css-sprit.es!

Before anything else, Css-sprit.es is a great domain name, if you ask me. Other than that, I think I should add that this is a Web-based CSS sprites generator that can be freely used by anyone and packs a bunch of interesting features, including CSS-based rollover effects with a few different presets available. The sprite image to upload can be in the JPG, GIF or PNG format, while output is CSS or SASS.

“Carefully handcrafted by Nicolas Crovatti” and powered by jQuery and Pixastic, Css-sprit.es is still in Beta status, but seems like a pretty useful, good looking and reliable Web-based tool, so why not take it for a spin? Since “Beta” also means “possibly buggy” and I must confess I didn’t manage to spot any bugs, could you drop a comment below with any compatibility/functional bugs that you encountered, if any? Thank you in advance!

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