Weather has been really sad lately – a lot of rain, cold as in late November/early December… all without following any logical pattern. Well… weather may go on a strange path, but as far as pattern generators go, Patternify scores quite a few points in my book, despite the fact we’re not talking about a perfect product. After all, we’re not trying to find perfection here – we simply look for things worth checking out that may prove useful to some of you and, at least if you ask me, Patternify is one of them.

What’s so special about Patternify, after all? Nothing really special, but it’s clearly one Web-based tool I had some fun discovering and taking for a spin – this free to use application allows you to easily design stripe patterns that can be exported as PNG files. More than just designing a pattern from scratch, you can also choose one of the existing 15 patterns, grouped into three categories – Old School, Color and Misc. Even more, you can also grab the generated base64 CSS code instead of the PNG file mentioned above. At last, Patternify provides a unique link for each pattern, so you can easily share your work with others – not that it’s really hard to draw something that’s as large as 10X10 pixels maximum… 😉

In case you’re still wondering about the licensing part… there’s no license to be scared of, just a free service that can be used to generate freely usable patterns – nothing more, nothing less! Oh, yeah… speaking about compatibility… I guess there’s no surprise that Patternify works with all major browsers – at least that’s what I can tell you. If you have some problems with Patternify on a specific software/hardware combination, please drop a comment below to let everyone know about it, all right? That’s all, folks!

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  1. April 14, 2011

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