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If you hate Google Calendar or simply looking for something different, today I got a little something for you, namely wdCalendar, a jQuery plugin that does about the same things, and since even its creators call it “a clone,” let’s consider it a Google ...Read More

Coral IE Tab

Mozilla Firefox is one of the best browsers on the market. But there are some websites that say no to Firefox and renders correctly only on Internet Explorer. Untill now, IE Tab was the only solution for people who wanted to use Mozilla Firefox ...Read More


I love start pages. Sure, I usually load my bookmarks, but having a lot of useful info inside a single Web page is also a pretty good idea, and I must confess that, despite the fact Netvibes is my all-time favorite, I recently started ...Read More


Managing files on a remote server is a real pleasure to me, and that happens only because I NEVER use the rudimentary file manager available inside cPanel, or any other kind of Web-based file management solution. I am really happy with FileZilla or the ...Read More

Php Free Chat

A few days ago, I installed some chat script on a site of mine. I guess I told you about my quest for such a thing before actually doing it, but I can’t say that I am completely happy with the thing I got, ...Read More